Help fund our campaign for a Better Barnet

Every penny you give to our election campaign for 2014 goes back into campaigning.

Kath_canvassing.jpgEvery month, our volunteers, members and residents who believe in our campaign knock on thousands of doors and talk to thousands of voters about the choice they have in May 2014. Our day-to-day campaign efforts depend on people like you supporting our campaign to fund the essential materials we need for our campaign.

  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Targeted Mailings
  • Telephone calls to voters
  • Digital campaigns and emails

We know that we will be outspent by the Barnet Conservatives in this campaign. The Finchley and Golders Green Conservative association and their MP have at least £493,049.59 in their coffers. Let alone what the Hendon and Chipping Barnet Conservative Associations have as well.

But with your help, we can keep our campaign moving forward and give our campaign volunteers the resources they need to fight this election in 2014.

Please, support our campaigning efforts with a one off doantion and help us to build a Better Barnet.

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