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We set up the Better Barnet campaign to respond to residents who told us what they thought was broken in Barnet - a Conservative council that was just not listening to the people it claimed to represent. Over the last year we have worked in partnership with local residents and community groups on everything from road safety schemes and parking charges, to saving Friern Barnet Library and opposing the Conservatives 'One Barnet' sell-off of council services.

Although the campaign to stop the 'One Barnet' sell-off of services was not successful, together we have achieved many other successes. And where the Barnet Conservatives have failed to create a vision and a plan for Barnet, and where they have failed to work with residents and communities to create that vision and plan, the Better Barnet campaign will continue to work with local people to help them do just that.

We’re building a campaign and a movement that wants to put you, our local residents, at the heart of it, and we want to know what you think about our ideas for Labour's manifesto for the 2014 local elections.

Join our campaign and help us create a Better Barnet.

Latest news

Labour councillors have calculated that the floor space at 10 libraries will be slashed by up to 93 per cent under the Conservative's plan to cut the libraries' budget by 60 per cent.

Labour councillors last night successfully defeated a Conservative plan to force domestic violence victims to declare themselves homeless before they can be re-housed by stripping them of their Band 1 priority status on the housing waiting list and pushing them to the back of the queue. The plan was first...

Barnet's Tory council has published options to cut £2.85 million from the library service, including closing Burnt Oak, Childs Hill, Mill Hill, East Finchley, Osidge and South Friern libraries and cutting staff so that libraries are unstaffed 50% of the time.

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